Summer of Innovation - Competition Winners & Selected Experiments

Essay Competition Winner - Aileen Montana, Hut Brown Middle School

Essay Winner (PDF - LINK)

Power Point/Video Competition Winner - Ally Warner & Nicole Aragon, Brown Middle School

Power Point Winner (PDF - LINK)

Video Competition Winner - Ricky Chavez - Chaparral Middle School

Patch Competition Winner - Joshua Hernandez, Da Vinci Scool for Science and the Arts.

Patch Description (PDF - LINK)

Selected Experiments

Susan Swope, Red Mountain MS - Deming, NM

Determine the effects of changes in non-Newtonian Fluid

Christina Mescal, Los Alamitos MS - Grants, NM

Effects of Altitude on Adhesives

Darron Saunders, Brown Middle School - El Paso, TX

Effect of Micro Gravity on Marshmallows

Barbara Rempel & Daniel Rempel, Alta Vista MS, P.R. Leyva MS & Carlsbad HS - Carlsbad, NM

Radiation Levels compared to Carlsbad, NM

Rebecca Green, Truth or Consequences MS - Truth or Consequences, NM

  • Effects of Radiation
  • Effects of Magnetic Attraction

Dave Webe & Brian Claar, Sierra MS & Camino Real MS - Las Cruces, NM

Effects of Temperature on Different Metals

Tammy Ruiz, Alta Vista MS - Carlsbad, NM

Effect of Co2 production in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Teresa Cox, Wilson K-8 School, Tuscon, AZ

Inversion Impacts on Electrical Energy

Elsie Dan, Shiprock HS - Shiprock, NM

Radiation Levels on Music CD's

Jim Pacini, Desert Ridge MS - Albuquerque, NM

Magnetic Strength in Micro Gravity

Cecilia Shelton, Brown Middle School - El Paso, TX

Effects of Micro Gravity on Weight

Rolanda Francis, Tohatchi HS, Tohatchi, NM

Effect of Micro Gravity on Ferro-fluid Magnet

Amy John, Tse Bit ai MS - Shiprock, NM

Differing Levels of Radiation and Temperature in Earth's Atmospheric Layers

Nancy Hill, Central Elementary - Artesia, NM

Earnshaw's Theory - The Effect of Micro Gravity on Magnetic Levitation

Krystal Irby, McKinley MS, Albuquerque, NM

Effects of Sound in Micro Gravity

    Ashley Ivans & Rosalinda Baeza, Mescalero Apache School - Mescalero, NM

    Apache Culture Items in Micro Gravity

    Creighton Edington - Cottonwood Valley Charter School - Deming, NM

    Solar to replace Access panel for Spaceloft XL Rocket

    Mary Ethel Plotner, Mountain Elementary - Los Alamos, NM

    Differing Radiation levels in the Earth's Atmosphere

    Ross Bussell & Crystal Cobble - Mesilla Park Elementary, Las Cruces, NM

    Text Messaging in Space

    Jeremy Sanchez, Loma Heights Elementary - Las Cruces, NM

    Fluctuation of the Electromagnetic Field and Temperature

    Reggie Lee Bell, Aztec Municipal Schools, Aztec, NM

    Piezoelectricity in Space

    Wendy Hunt, Grace B. Wilson Elementary - Kirtland, N

    Energy Output of a Tesla Coil

    Valerie Kovach & Jasmin Hairston, Harrison MS - Albuquerque, NM

    Static Electricity in Space

    Luis Sandoval - Picacho MS -Las Cruces, NM

    Effect on Eggs in Micro Gravity

    Jennifer Rashe, Onate High School, Las Curces, NM

    Effects of Micro Gravity on Magnetic Fields

    Kimberly King,Green Fields Country Day School, Tucson, AZ

    Effects of Micro gravity on Methanosarcina Barkeri

    Kerri Bell, Sidney Gutierrez MS - Roswell, NM 

    Effects of Sound Produced by a Guitar in Space

    Geri Mike, Newcomb MS, Newcomb, NM & Erin Britton, Cleveland MS - Albuquerque, NM

    Effects of Micro gravity on Balloons filled with Helium, Oxygen & Co2