New Mexico Space Grant Student Launch Program

Launch Questions

  • Who is the launch/rocket provider? UP Aerospace
  • Where will the launch take place? Spaceport America.
  • When is the next launch date? May 20, 2011.
  • What if I am late to the meeting/staging location? Once the last bus has left the meeting locations, you will not be allowed to the launch site in a personal vehicle. Bus travel ONLY.
  • What are the directions to Spaceport America (SPA)? None will be provided. All participants must travel by bus.
  • Has the timeline of launch events changed? In the event of a change of events, we will contact you.
  • What time will we return from the launch? Plan on being away from your vehicle for up to 8 hours.

Program Questions

  • How does my school become involved with the New Mexico Space Grant Student Launch Program? call 575-646-6414
  • How is the program funded? Sponsors Include: ISPCS, NASA, Lockheed Martin & Jacobs Technology.
  • Will there be a launch next year? Yes. NMSGC has designated this as an annual educational launch.
  • Does NMSGC have a contract with any local hotels for rooms for this event? Yes. For guests staying in Truth or Consequences, we recommend staying at the Elephant Butte Inn. For guests staying in Las Cruces, we recommend staying at Hotel Encanto.