2014 Summer Institute


July 20th  - July 24th, 2014

Hot Springs High School

Truth or Consequences, NM




    This program is designed to:

- Create Curriculum and materials to enable middle school teachers to build experiments that will fly from Spaceport America in Spring 2015

- Provide annual access to space for students from Spaceport America



Program components include:

Summer 2014: Week long workshop where faculty build and fly electronic technology

Academic Year: Faculty teach students to build the technology in their classes during the academic year

Spring 2015: Up Aerospace SpaceLoft XL rocket will launch their technologies from Spaceport America through NASA Flight Opportunities in collaboration with UP Aerospace

Spring 2015: Students analyze their data and present their results





Patricia Hynes, Director, NMSGC

Stacy Rush, Instructor, Curriculum Development, Hot Springs High School

Tyson Rush, Instructor, Curriculum Development, Hot Springs High School

Mark Aldred, Curriculum Development, Payload Design, NMSGC

Kristi Burden, Curriculum Development, NMSGC

Ivan Duran, Payload Design, NMSGC

Renee Mondragon, Payload Design, NMSGC

Scott Chaapel, Science Teacher, Camino Real Middle School 

Paulo Oemig, Science Teacher, Zia Middle School 

Brian Claar, Science Teacher, White Sands Middle School 

Rebecca Green-Bartoo,  Teacher, T or C Middle School

Christina Ferguson,  Math Department Head, Mesa Middle School

James Dunn, Faculty, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Jonathon West, Faculty, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Khaki Rodway, Xcor Aerospace

Kyle Stephens, Virgin Galactic





























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